by Airhead DC

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released August 2, 2016



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Airhead DC Washington, D.C.


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Track Name: Blur 2
looking at the phone but what's beyond the phone
public life of friends, secret life within

you could never die alone
if you're virtually known
i feel much more comfortable with this

driving down your road seeing your old home
intimacy isn't always going in

oh you're showing me a lot
never done another thought wanders out your head
you're like a kid

im like a kid too somehow maybe more just not as talkative
whatever i am you can help it
Track Name: My World
im not alone now
i got the world now
but things are ending
as i begin

another motion opposite of mine
jumping over it like a snake

im with the world now
and not against
don't ever end
or else i'll end

you got a scar now up above your eye
looking so repaired, it will take time

anything i've gone through getting over it
Track Name: Pocket Love
up in your apartment
you pack the boxes, i watch until i tape
next time we will move from here to somewhere that we call our place

up in your apartment
i figure out how much our lives will change
but you will remain my dear, only that will stay the same

you give a lot of it, and i know it's hard to give away
carry it like pocket love
tokens in a big arcade

i just kind of fit into the world when i escape
i wanna dance i wanna roll
i need to love what i got

do i show enough even when i think i don't say what i wanna say?
yesterday was so easy

i guess im just scared of the future even though all i want is us together
Track Name: Four
I guess i'm in a rut
but I have something to love
I have someone to rock
I have someone to rock back and forth

gold is under the mud
the sea appears to be green
I have someone to love
I have someone to rock back and forth